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Dehydrated vegetables
Vegetable powder
    Business philosophy: to create a healthy green living.
    Spirit of enterprise: the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement. High quality products to create customer value.
    Brand awareness: Brand is the company's business card, is the company's image, the whole system is committed to creating the industry's leading brands.
    Company Services: the whole system provides not only our high quality products, and our quality service. Customer satisfaction is our smile-round pursuit system.
    Management: In line with the respect of human nature, we implement the institutional, professional, scientific management.
Talent Strategy
    Our talent: the company is our home, we are a member of the company. We strive to create relaxed, harmonious, democratic, progressive atmosphere. For each member to provide a broad space for development. Enhance the value of employees, to explore the potential of employees. We believe that good employees are our greatest asset.
    Our team: together with a number of company-wide integration of young, good, aggressive staff. Tolerance, harmony, cooperation is the basis of our work, innovation, pursuit of excellence, is the spirit of our work. Our belief is to create a more excellent the whole system.
Customer Service
    Our customer service is focused on helping customers to know and understand our products, timely delivery of our products. At the same time to receive customer feedback on the quality of our products and advice to make our products the fastest adjustment and response. Our customer service staff have been a special technical training to meet the different needs of different customers. Welcome to your inquiry
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Spices series: Garlic powder, chilli powder, fennel powder, peeper powder, ginger powder, octagonal powder etc. These products are not only sold in China but exported to many countries such as German Italy, America, korea, Japan etc.
Our main products: Dehydrated vegetable series: Carrot, sliced garlic, onion, korean cabbages, ginger slices, spinach, mushroom etc.